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Unveiling Afreximbank’s Latest Insights: A Glimpse into Africa’s Trade Dynamics

Step into the world of African trade and economic development as Afreximbank, the premier financial institution fostering intra-Africa trade, releases a collection of insightful publications. From unraveling the complexities of regional value chains to navigating the challenges of a turbulent global financial landscape, Afreximbank’s latest reports offer a comprehensive overview of Africa’s evolving economic panorama. In this blog post, we’ll delve into key highlights from the African Trade Report 2023, the Babacar Ndiaye Lectures 2022, Contemporary Issues in African Trade & Trade Finance (CIAT) Vol 8, 2023, the indispensable “Africa in Figures” compendium and much more. Join us on a journey to explore the transformative policies, critical analyses, and strategic initiatives presented by Afreximbank to shape the future of trade and economic development across the African continent.

African Trade Report 2023:

Export Manufacturing and Regional Value Chains in Africa under a New World Order

This report outlines various policies and initiatives to alleviate trade constraints and catalyze the emergence of vibrant RVCs in Africa. It shows that the confluence of GSC realignment under the new world order and the implementation of the AfCFTA provides a unique opportunity for accelerating manufacturing export growth in Africa. In particular, rules of origin that prioritize local value-addition across the region will induce technology transfer and long-term investment…

Babacar Ndiaye Lectures 2022:

Africa and the Developing World in a Turbulent Global Financial Architecture

This Edition This publication is the result of the sixth edition of the Babacar Annual Lecture. Held alongside the World Bank and International Monetary Fund Annual Meetings on 14 October 2022 in Washington DC, USA, this edition was themed Africa and the Global World in a Turbulent Global Financial Architecture. The keynote speaker was Honorable Ms. Mia Amor Mottley, the Prime Minister of the Republic of Barbados…

Contemporary Issues in African Trade & Trade Finance (CIAT)

Vol 8, 2023

The Contemporary Issues in African Trade and Trade Finance (CIAT) is introduced by the Bank to provide a platform for the staff of Afreximbank and other individuals knowledgeable in African trade and trade finance to publish articles in the areas of trade, trade finance and economic development in Africa. The CIAT publishes technical and non-technical papers. Edited by a Committee, drawn from both internal and external sources, it also publishes relevant papers presented at conferences or seminars internally organized or externally held…

Africa in Figures

One of the most recurrent challenges when conducting research in Africa is limited availability and/or access to reliable data. Researchers and policymakers often lament the unavailability and/or the reliability of African data – even when available, data usually spans a short time period, casting doubts on research outcomes and raising ambiguity on policy recommendations derived therefrom…

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