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Sables Chemical Fertilizer

This project involves upgrading a fertiliser processing plant, so that the current electrolysis process is replaced by new lower cost technologies. Participate in the transformation of agriculture through our Sables Chemical Fertilizer project. We welcome investors to support our plant…

Buyout of Financial Service company

Join a strategic investment opportunity with the acquisition of a successful financial service company. Investors are invited to participate in a venture boasting a strong performance history and growth potential in the financial services sector. Explore a strategic investment in…

Digital Platforms

Financing the scaling of a cluster of platform-based digital applications, to address unique gaps of the Nigeria & African gig business space. These applications address defined needs in the gig workers & entrepreneurs, enabling growing businesses and offering infinite scalability,…

Commercial Property

Unlock a promising investment in Commercial Property. Investors are invited to seize this prime opportunity in a thriving location, offering stability and potential growth.

Oilfield Production

Explore a lucrative opportunity in Oilfield Production. The project owners are inviting investors to be part of a dynamic venture in the energy sector. With proven reserves and cutting-edge technology, this project offers substantial growth potential.

Lithium Trade

Join the Lithium revolution! They’re a dynamic team on a mission to reshape the energy landscape, offering a lucrative investment opportunity in the thriving Lithium market. With Lithium’s demand set to triple in the next decade and its pivotal role…

Pulp Production Chain

Invest in a sustainable Pulp Production Chain to transform the paper and packaging industry while making a positive environmental impact.